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Keep knees warm in church with radiant floor heating

Mon, 12/10/2012 - 15:32

Churchgoers tired of the sore knees that often can accompany long sessions of prayer can get a bit of relief with radiant floor heating. Church Times reports that many small village congregations are outfitting their churches with radiant floor heating or heating panels in pews. The purpose of the installation is to warm worshipers' legs and knees so that, especially in many aging communities, peoples' joints are not left in pain after service.
Radiant floor heating allows heat to gently rise up from the floor so that parishioners can benefit from the warmth. Older churches are often known for their drafts. By installing radiant floor heating, a congregation will no longer have to feel as if they are being driven out of the parish because of the cold seeping into their bones.

By investing in the right utility, a community can increase the comfort it feels while going to mass or various services, which could potentially improve member attendance. Elevating a congregation's succor at mass shows how much the church cares for its community, and especially for the older generation.

In addition, in times of poor economic prosperity, a church can benefit from reducing its operational expenses. With many congregations seeing a decline in patron donations, lowering utility bills by investing in energy-efficient solutions can be helpful. The cost of oil and gas is rising, but by installing a radiant floor heating system a congregation can reduce the temperature the thermostat is set at, while still providing a comfortable, warm environment to parishioners looking to practice their religion.