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Indiana building to receive volunteer help, generous donation during final construction

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 15:18

While many people choose to donate to an organization that helps people in other countries or across the U.S., some individuals are able to find a cause within their own hometown. This is what occurred in Staunton, Indiana, as the volunteer fire department recently was given a large contribution in order to help the station adopt energy efficient technologies, The Brazil Times reported.
According to the news outlet, the construction of the Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department's new home should be completed by the end of the summer, thanks in large part to a donation from the Lady Volunteers of Staunton.
According to the Times, the project was in need of financing, as there were a couple of snags that were hit in the first days of construction, which led to overall delays and an increased cost for the new energy efficient firehouse.
"We've had a series of issues," Larry Temple, the fire chief for the county, told the news outlet. "We had hoped to be where we are right now back in January."
The new station is about as green as they come, as it will include a radiant heating system, LED lighting and geothermal energy to power all of the cost-cutting products.
Adding radiant heating to any building will help to increase the comfort level for its occupants, as the technology helps to deliver warmth evenly around a room, limiting the overall presence of a temperature difference between the floor and ceiling.
This technology will also help to lower the operating costs for a structure, as the system, especially when linked to a geothermal energy source, requires only a small amount of energy to provide heat.