Radiant in Commercial

Improvements that will save your company cash

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 12:45

When opening and operating a business, expenses may seem to be endless, as owners are flooded with bills, production costs and maintenance fees. There are, however, many ways in which businesses can save money with simple home improvement installations. When renovating or building a new structure for your company, consider investing in recycled materials for all construction needs. Products such as refurbished wood, recycled paper and upcycled wall decorations are great ways to save a few cents during an expansion. 
In addition to purchasing environmentally friendly materials, consider these other ways in which different corporations around the globe have easily and efficiently saved money in the long run:

Radiant floor heating

Unlike traditional heating systems that can run up an energy bill and force you to pay painful amounts of money, radiant heat operates at a much lower cost due to its revolutionary technology. Instead of flooding a room with heat that circulates and eventually floods to the ceiling, radiant heat utilizes underfloor heating techniques, meaning that the heat rises from the floor and eventually settles in the middle of a room, optimal for living conditions. Air remains static, which allows it to provide consistent heat for all users in the area. 
Warmboard could potentially heat an entire room with water that is only 108 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to the average heating system temperature of 140 degrees. This drastic difference in temperature has the ability to save energy costs in any building, especially when installed in more than one room. Additionally, since it operates using less water than competitors, radiant heat can last longer in any structure, meaning it would need to be replaced far fewer times.

Coin-operated toilets

The Weston Town Council in North Somerset, U.K., recently announced its plans to install coin-operated toilets in national parks around the city. These toilets, which feature underfloor heating, may save the town both operating and cleaning costs as they are implemented in parks across the county. The decision to install toilets that were operated by coins came after the council determined that the area was in dire need of cutting its budget. By investing in these new products, they hope to significantly reduce park operation expenses.
While the installation of these toilets may not seem practical for large companies, they offer an exciting new way for paid public restrooms to save money by both making visitors pay and cutting energy costs through the use of underfloor heat.

Solar-powered heating

TGE Group, a U.K.-based renewable energy company, installed a 126-panel solar thermal system that will provide underfloor heating for two large farm sheds in the area. The company will not only reduce their carbon emissions by more than 34 tons, but it will also save more than €450,000 over the next 20 years. Sam Barker, one of the farmers who incorporated the technology, told Renewable Energy Magazine that he was excited about the possibilities solar energy provided the area.
"We needed a system that would be simple, reliable, efficient and cost effective," he told the magazine. "We are delighted with the results and astounded by how much heat can be produced."
When combined with radiant heat, the benefits solar powered energy can produce are seemingly endless. By harnessing ultraviolet rays to power a building or company facility, business owners may save a significant amount of money from bill costs alone. Additionally, this type of energy is environmentally friendly and sustainable, reducing not only the harm a corporation may potentially cause the earth, but also the overall carbon footprint.