Radiant in Commercial

Iconic prefab homes get further energy efficient upgrades

Mon, 10/08/2012 - 11:21

A company that has rolled out numerous prefabricated homes to meet the growing demand for energy efficient residences in North America has beefed up its offerings, adding new technology and improving on past models.
According to Mother Nature Network, the new Breezehouse from Blu Homes is one of the greenest residences available to consumers, as the company's new offering is a two-floor home that contains a number of energy efficient products and technologies.
"We preserved the high ceilings and sun-filled open spaces that mark the Breezehouse, while building a spacious home that highlights the best of California design sensibility," Karl Daubmann, the creative director for Blue Homes, told the news outlet. "Uniquely versatile, the Sidebreeze will fit as seamlessly into a narrow beachfront lot in Southern California as it will the suburbs of the East Coast or the slopes of a Colorado mountainside."
Since the new homes are a nice balance of indoor and outdoor comfort, the products included in the prefab design are meant to maximize comfort without sacrificing aesthetics or efficiency. The use of radiant floor heating, high R-value walls and low/no-VOC paints and finishes throughout have made these trendsetting residences all the more green and sustainable, yet also visually pleasing.
The use of radiant floor heating in the prefab homes allows the company to maximize on efficiency and comfort, as the design is not affected by the product, since it is located beneath the floor and out of sight.
Comfort in these systems is also unparalleled, as a family can benefit from the heat that is spread throughout the residence. Warmth can also be zoned, allowing certain parts of a home to be hotter than others, saving resources and maximizing on efficiency.