Radiant in Commercial

Hotel retrofit encourages increase in guests

Fri, 12/20/2013 - 12:53

There's no doubt about it - the hospitality industry is a competitive business. Almost regardless of what city the property is located in, the drive to attract more visitors and keep them as valued customers is overwhelming. The more popular a destination is, the greater the competition is to gain bookings. 
One hotel in Santa Barbara, Calif., realized it wasn't making the most out of its potential, which is why the property management company and owner invested in a top-notch renovation. By retrofitting the property with the latest luxuries and features, the business will gain the attention of more potential customers and hopefully boost repeat visitors. The Vancouver Sun reported that the hotel underwent $35.5 million worth of renovations that took about seven years to complete.
The El Encanto Hotel has a new luxury spa and award-winning food, some of which is grown and produced on-site. According to the news source, the kitchen uses cheese produced from Ellie, the hotel's prized cow. The hotel is nestled in a steep hill above the city and includes 92 private bungalows for rent that are scattered all over seven acres of land. The hospitality establishment has a history of attracting star power: President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Barbra Streisand and Leonardo DiCaprio have all stayed at the El Encanto Hotel.  
The mission-style bungalows have terra cotta roofs and a contemporary California style. Upgrades included in the updated structures include double sinks and marble floors in all of the bathrooms. This area is also warmed with radiant floor heating for an exceptional luxury experience. The utility technology is able to boost the comfort felt within a space because the warmth is applied directly to the surfaces that an individual comes in contact with. Instead of being forced to walk on cold floors in the morning or evening, as temperatures drop, guests are able to relax in a master bathroom suite that has been designed for the ultimate spa experience. 
In addition to creating a dynamite experience, radiant floor heating also allows the property management company to reduce the cost of heating the space. The sustainable technology uses less energy to heat a room in comparison to more traditional solutions like forced hot air. This makes it the ideal solution for a hospitality destination looking to upgrade its heating system.