Radiant in Commercial

Hipster hotels outfitted with radiant floor heating

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 09:14

Finding a trendy hotel in New York City is hardly difficult - the metro is practically made up of well-established hospitality destinations that cater to any whim an individual could have. For those who claim, or purposefully don't subscribe, to all that is trendy (yes, we're speaking of hipsters) there are a number of hotels who cater to this mentality and design aesthetic as well. 
For example, the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn is located in the very hip neighborhood of Williamsburg. The Huffington Post reported that this hospitality destination is a key place for locals and travelers to spend their time. The rooftop bar boasts jaw-dropping views of Manhattan and is available to both guests and locals looking for libations and company. The structure has been designed with an industrial style in mind with plenty of steel beams, brick accent walls, unpolished pine ceilings and bare plaster walls. 
Besides the overall style of the space, the owners of the property decided to also subscribe to various sustainability measures, which is fitting with the crowd the place is trying to attract. Technology and energy-efficient systems combine in the hotel to create a unique space. The spacious rooms are outfitted with radiant floor heating to promote great comfort for the guests. The consistent presence of heat allows the system to create a comfortable environment for guests, as well as allowing them to expertly control the temperature in the room. 
In addition, radiant floor heating is operationally efficient and provides guests with the knowledge that they are staying at a hospitality destination that places sustainability as a priority - an important factor for many, especially hipsters.