Radiant in Commercial

Heartwood Institute renovated with radiant floor heating

Thu, 07/25/2013 - 07:35

The Heartwood Institute has recently undergone a renovation. The building, which used to house a residential massage school, has been upgraded to provide a more unique and complex educational center. The Redwood Times reported that it now includes a swimming pool, hot tub facilities, classroom buildings, a store, overnight facilities, a straw bale temple and gardens. Officials have even spent the last year to create a place for programs, workshops, events, conferences and retreats on ecological lifestyles and spiritual retreats. 
To ensure the space is comfortable, a radiant floor heating system has been installed throughout the structure. This will allow visitors to feel comfortable in a space. The utility uses a pipe system to transfer heat throughout the various building on campus. The even distribution of heat will promote comfort and relaxation in the Heartwood Institute.
The main lodge is where the heating system will be the most useful, according to the news source. The main lodge contains a new hot tub, sauna, bathroom and shower facility. By placing a radiant floor heating system in these spaces, comfort is better guaranteed. In spaces like these, the system ensures that people are encouraged to use the spaces. 
In addition to providing warmth and comfort, a radiant floor heating system also allows the center to reduce its operational expenses. For a holistic site that is operating as a nonprofit, a more sustainable system is ideal. The reduction in energy costs will allow the managers to spend more money on programs and offering greater services and products.