Radiant in Commercial

Greening buildings: Adding products to improve efficiency in warehouses

Wed, 08/22/2012 - 15:45

The modern business climate has made the adoption of green buildings all the more important to companies, as tenants want to operate in clean and cost-efficient space and many organizations want to appease the public concern by maintaining environmental practices.
According to Building Products, there are a number of upgrades that can be made to structures in order to improve their efficiency, cut operating costs, limit the impact on the environment and eliminate some of the indoor allergens that can affect the health of employees or tenants.
Karen Debats, a buildings product expert, noted that HVAC efficiency is especially important, as upgrades to the heating and air conditioning systems in a building can help to dramatically reduce operation costs and energy consumption.
Not only is the type of heating or air conditioning system that is used important, but the amount in which it is used is often reliant on how efficient the product is.
Products like radiant heating systems from Warmboard help to minimize the amount of energy that is required to provide sufficient heat to a building, due to the design of the system. Relying on highly conductive paneling, these products allow for limited waste and maximum efficiency in delivery.
For warehouses, it is not just the kind of products that are used within the structure, but also the type of vehicles that are used within these buildings also can impact how sustainable they are, according to the news outlet.
"When it's time to buy a new forklift, consider electric vehicles. Diesel and propane-fueled lifts require extra ventilation, which adds to the HVAC load," noted Debats. "Just remember to recharge electric-vehicle batteries during off-peak hours, when costs are lower."