Radiant in Commercial

Greenhouses implement radiant heat to keep flowers healthy

Tue, 02/25/2014 - 12:55

Greenery require a great deal of delicate care when being grown and monitored, as they can easily be affected by slight changes in pressure, temperature or other living conditions. Since their environment needs extra attention and modification, greenhouse owners should consider how they may be able to make life easier for both the people who monitor plants and the green items themselves. Installing radiant heat in the floorboards of a greenhouse, whether owners are building a new one or looking for ways to renovate a pre-existing facility, may help to cut costs and negative impacts for the structure.

Benefits the heating system may provide

Much like installing radiant heat in one's home, using this technology in a greenhouse provides a number of accommodations for living occupants. Growers Supply noted that this type of heating system can provide a blanket of even heat that other products may not be able to ensure. By carefully monitoring temperatures within a room and quickly adapting to new settings, radiant heat systems prevent unwanted air from escaping and create even coverage throughout the area. Because of this consistent temperature, plants are less likely to suffer health detriments related to over- or under-heating. 
During months where the sun may not provide an adequate amount of heat to warm plant life, radiant heat may be key to ensuring their survival, stated Ground Report. While other heating systems may be able to provide similar temperature conditions, radiant heat can ensure a consistent atmosphere at a much lower cost than its more traditional counterparts.

Company creates energy efficient hub for greenhouse

By combining radiant heat flooring and solar-powered energy, Solar Innovations, Inc. has created energy-efficient greenhouses that may revolutionize the way plants are grown and stored. In a company press release, the company explained that systems installed within its orchid greenhouses have created a living conditions ideal for any plant, including solar panels that can both provide light and shade for growing buds, heat that can keep an entire building at one solid temperature and adjust depending on the time of day, and a significant reduction in dust and dirt spreading throughout the facility. Additionally, the company notes that utility and energy costs have lowered since the installation and implementation of its new systems. Crafted with orchid-enthusiasts in mind, the company claims that with these state-of-the-art upgrades, orchids can be healthily maintained year-round.