Radiant in Commercial

Farmhouse wows with radiant floor heating

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 08:43

In the competitive hospitality industry, getaways are always trying to standout from the crowd. A new Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report, a luxury travel publication, has released its latest hotel accommodation recommendations. Experts from the publication traveled across California's wine country to determine what hospitality destination offered the best service. The Farmhouse Inn scored a rating of 94 out of 100 - the highest of all destinations in the region.
"Sophisticated, family-owned country-style inn with 18 rooms in an 1873 clapboard-sided farmhouse, adjacent farm workers' cottages and a new barn built on the site of the farm's original barn. The spacious 'Barn Rooms,' (larger than 'Heritage Rooms') include large windows, fireplaces and lavish marble baths with radiant floor heating, whirlpool tubs and large walk-in showers; private decks overlook a creek and wooded area. The menu of the inviting Michelin-starred restaurant draws on agricultural diversity of the area; and an extensive list of wines, many in half-bottles," said reviews from the publication, according to the press release.
The combination of services and comforting climate made this hospitality destination stand out from the pack. Radiant floor heating slowly and consistently pushes warmth from the floorboards in guest suites to fill the rooms with heat. The comfort felt as a result of the system boosts how relaxed people can feel in the space and promotes a great stay.
In addition to boosting comfort, the radiant floor heating system allows the Farmhouse Inn to reduce operational expenses associated with heating the guest suites. Every person has a different desired room temperature, which makes a flexible heating system that is affordable a positive feature.