Radiant in Commercial

Famous upstate New York hotel to feature heated floors

Fri, 07/22/2011 - 07:42

Richard Gere, now a Westchester, New York resident, and his wife have renovated the Bedford Post Inn, a hotel and residence that they had purchased four years earlier, according to New York 1.

Although the rooms can be somewhat pricey, the Inn is designed for the comfort that it provides and not for a place to sack up between upstate New York towns. The newest technology is available throughout the Inn, in both the common areas and the individual rooms, reported the news source.

Located an hour north of New York City, the hotel now features all of the modern amenities that guests would come to expect from a classy housing establishment. The Inn has eight suites and spacious bathrooms that feature hot tubs and heated floors, helping to contribute to the high level of comfort that the proprietors intended, New York 1 reported.

Heated floors can make any bathroom more comfortable, as the radiant heat that they provide will allow for a much more relaxing experience for an individual and their loved ones, especially during the winter months when tile floors without the technology tend to be frigid.