Radiant in Commercial

Expansive Utah ranch to be sold, contains radiant heating technology

Wed, 08/15/2012 - 13:58

Though one Utah ranch has all of the modern fixtures that money can buy, part of the appeal of the residences that are contained within this property is the expansive views that they provide to owners and their guests.
Each part of the home was built with an adherence to the latest designs and styles of Rocky Mountain lodge housing, and each residence contains state-of-the-art technology like radiant heating systems and ergonomic furniture that makes taking a nap more of an occurrence than a choice, according to Live Trading News.
"Although current zoning requirements provide for homes to be built a minimum of 100 yards from the river’s edge, this residence was permitted and constructed just feet from the water’s edge due to a grandfathering provision. When the doors from the living room, kitchen and bedrooms are open, it literally sounds and feels as if the river is inside," said Paul Benson, a realtor that got to survey the property.
The properties were all built to provide owners with an exclusive getaway during winter months, and the radiant heating system is sure to provide each of these families with an unmatched warmth that permeates throughout the structure.
Because of the tall ceilings for the properties, a radiant heating system is the ideal choice for providing residents with a comfortable warmth. The technology helps to distribute the heat around a room, and certain products like those available from Warmboard, will ensure that the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is kept to a minimum.
While the radiant heating system helps to provide comfort to residents, it also is used because it has a limited impact on the environment, saving the land directly surrounding these homes.