Radiant in Commercial

Eugene, Oregon company headquarters to feature radiant heating

Tue, 07/12/2011 - 09:17

The new building that Hummingbird Wholesale will move into features all of the modern amenities that are available along with sustainable materials and hardware to provide a practical and eco-friendly headquarters for the company, according to The Eugene Register-Guard.

Construction on the building will be completed by September, and the new headquarters will contain several rooms that utilize radiant heating to help the premises adhere to the notions of sustainable development, the news source reported.

The radiant floor heating will be used throughout the building to provide energy efficient warmth for the customers, but the use of this technology will be extended to provide heat for the Hummingbird's honey-warming room. A new type of ventilation system will also be used on the property to maximize the sustainable nature of the company's headquarters, reported The Register-Guard.

Many companies have adopted this technology in an effort to save money on electricity costs while doing less damage to the environment. Hydronic systems have lower upkeep costs, less labor involved and tend to heat the room at a quicker pace than other radiant heating methods, according to The Department of Energy.