Radiant in Commercial

Energy efficient company opens green headquarters

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 13:37

Though many companies look to make quite a splash when opening their corporate headquarters, one Canadian firm sought to stick to its business model when constructing the new home to its main offices, the Victoria Times Colonist reported.
According to the news outlet, the Royal, British Columbia-based Reliable Controls looked to make its new corporate headquarters as green as possible, mirroring its business model - it designs products that help to monitor and regulate energy use within small- and mid-sized commercial buildings.
The Times Colonist reported that Tom Zaban, the company's vice-president of marketing, noted that the organization realized that the new building "had damned well better be a showcase."
The building uses a number of leading technologies to limit its total energy expenditure, including LED lighting, zoned radiant heating and cooling, windows conducive to maximizing natural light and an efficient ventilation system.
"We've never built our own building before, this is our baby," Zaban told the news outlet. "There's a lot of new technology in this building, a lot of things that have never been sold before."
Some of the technology that was used in the building is brand new and has yet to be rolled out in another structure, but the overall effect is something that many companies have tried to replicate.
"It's designed to achieve a 50 per cent reduction in energy consumption over a normal commercial building. It is a very high-efficiency building," Zaban said.
Zoned radiant heating is extremely efficient, as the areas of a building that do not require heat are simply eliminated from the distribution pattern, helping to cut costs and limit the overall energy expenditure for a structure.