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Education center receives recognition for green features

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 19:37

The Reinstein Woods Environmental Education Center in Depew, New York, received recognition from the city for the number of green features it includes. The Buffalo News reports that the structure received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification from the United States Green Building Council. 
When the building was first built, architects and city officials focused on including a number of energy-efficient technologies. According to the news source, the sustainable solutions featured in the property include energy-efficient windows with a high R-value, tankless water heaters and radiant floor heating. Throughout the 4,900-square foot property, pipes run under the floor boards to provide heat. 
The eco-friendly feature makes the center much more energy efficient. The Buffalo News reports that the Reinstein center has a number of visitors every day. Radiant floor heating boosts the comfort people feel within the space, which means that guests are not discouraged from repeat visits - a bonus for the education center. 
Radiant floor heating allows official to remain in control of the heating budget. The energy-efficient system is able to run off both renewable energy sources and traditional, like oil and natural gas. Regardless of what resource the system is run off, less is used and the property owner saves.
The facility works as a preservation site for the natural wildlife species from the western New York area. Both plants and animals call the center home and act as the main attraction for guests. The focus on sustainability and the environment by the center helped turn the officials toward thinking about eco-friendly options like radiant floor heating.