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Cornell's Klarman Hall gets updated with radiant floor heating

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 21:23

Students returning to Cornell University will soon receive notice that an area of the campus will soon be under construction as the construction of Klarman Hall begins. Ithaca Times reported that Klarman Hall is intended to be a state-of-the-art facility that will take a projected 28 months to construct. The $61 million project is a large undertaking for the university, but when completed, is expected to relieve some of the pressure concerning lack of classroom and office space plaguing the humanities. 
According to the news source, the college was previously using a building constructed in 1906 to house the College of Arts and Sciences. However, back in 1906 there were only about 1,000 students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Now there are about 4,100 students and 200 humanities faculty all trying to use that same physical space - leading to a chronic shortage of classrooms and workspace. Klarman Hall is expected to alleviate this issue and provide students and faculty with a modern, energy-efficient structure that is large enough to meet the needs and prospective future needs of the university. 
The structure is being outfitted with a number of eco-friendly technologies to reduce the operational costs associated with maintaining the building. A radiant floor heating system will be included in the atrium and will be connected to a heat recovery unit to recapture heat from the air ventilation system. The combination of these two technologies will allow the university the ability to provide a comfortable area for students to learn and study and working environment for staff and faculty. In addition, the reliance on less traditional energy resources will boost the sustainability of the structure and make operating it more affordable in the long term.