Radiant in Commercial

Concert hall boosts attendees comfort with radiant floor heating

Wed, 12/12/2012 - 21:41

Anyone who has ever attended a concert, play or other live entertainment performance knows that a cold hall can put a damper on a night's enjoyment. No one enjoys shivering in his or her seat during an event just counting the moments until an escape is possible.

Audiences at the Verdant Pastures Auditorium don't have to worry about paying for a ticket and suffering through a cold hall. Exeter Patch reports that guests who attend an event at this auditorium are privy to take part in its geothermal air conditioning during the summer and radiant floor heating in the winter - a needed detail in the cold climate of New Hampshire.

The hall is a historic site, which can often mean drafts and chills are common. However, the installation of radiant floor heating has allowed the property managers of the Verdant Pastures Auditorium to reduce operational expenses and improve visitors' experience. Located just off of Route 27 on Ladd's Lane in Epping, New Hampshire, performance attendees can watch or participate in an event in comfort.

The radiant floor heating offered by Warmboard can be incorporated with a variety of flooring materials, which can allow even historic floors to be relatively closely matched in style and grain, so that the décor of a building is left intact. However, instead of the drafty cold floors of yesteryear, people can now enjoy the comfort of warmth steadily traveling upwards to fill an entire room. 

Installing energy-efficient heating technology in community-serving properties can boost the appeal of attending events and supporting local endeavors. Consider consulting with an expert from Warmboard to determine how radiant floor heating can improve the comfort of a space.