Radiant in Commercial

Colleges embracing radiant heating

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 10:53

After hearing all about the endless benefits of installing radiant heat flooring, several colleges have moved towards integrating this energy-efficient heating system into their buildings. From student dorms to classrooms, universities across the nation have begun to implement radiant heat for the use of faculty and students alike.
Whether students requested that their universities enact more environmentally friendly practices or college officials recognized how much money could be shaved off the energy bill, these institutions are no stranger to the benefits of radiant heat flooring.
Warren Wilson College
This small university, housed in Asheville, N.C., equips its EcoDorms with the technology to better serve the comfort needs of its residents. On the school's website, it lists three reasons as to why the university chose to install the system. First, they hoped to remain energy efficient, stating that radiant heat has the ability to warm rooms up to the same comfort level, but remains three to four degrees lower than traditional heating systems. Because of this, the school can eliminate wasted energy while keeping rooms heated. Second, the air quality would improve. Since radiant heat has been proven to decrease the number of allergens, dust and dirt particles in the air, the quality would be much higher for individuals in the area. Finally, the college stressed the flexibility these systems could offer.
San Diego State
Home of the Aztecs, San Diego State recently unveiled its new Student Union that utilizes radiant heat flooring to warm the building. This union hopes to acquire LEED certification once it's completed, encouraging students to appreciate the newly installed large skylights and radiant heat system that will cut down significantly on energy use. Since this large building is home to all student activities, meetings and study spaces, the university hopes all members of the community will appreciate the new green technology.
The Evergreen State College
Evergreen State College, located in Olympia, Wash., has employed a radiant heating system since April 2012. This college employs the system in all of its residential and dining facilities in an attempt to provide more efficient and even heating programs throughout the buildings. With the exception of the bathrooms, every square inch of the building utilizes radiant heat, which is powered by the university's Solar Hot Water System. By employing both radiant heat throughout the area and a solar-powered water system, the university has greatly reduced its energy costs.