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City maintenance shed gets renovated with eco-friendly technology

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 17:18

City buildings provide an important function, from housing town maintenance equipment to giving officials a site for conducting their business, which is why the city of Pekins, Illinois, has invested in new structures. The Pekins Time reports that the city is nearing the completion date of a new vehicle maintenance facility
Located at 1130 Koch Street, only the installation of the new garage doors for the multiple-bay structure is left before construction is completed. The site is intended as a place for large vehicle maintenance such as school buses and fire trucks. Until now, mechanics and maintenance workers have been forced to work on fire trucks right in the bays of the fire station, which is not appropriately outfitted with lifts.
According to the news source, the Pekins City Council approved the new building at $582,000 in June 2012. That price covered a number of new additions and eco-friendly features being included in the construction. For example, radiant floor heating has been installed in the bays of the new maintenance facility. The modern heating technology allows for the building to remain comfortably warm without expelling a great amount of energy. Keeping heat inside the structure was a primary concern as warmth escaped from the building when the bay doors opened. The old, inefficient systems would take a considerable amount of time and energy to refill the facility with heat. 
The new radiant floor heating technology would fill the space with warmth, using less energy and more quickly. Workers would feel more comfortable as they repaired important city vehicles. The Pekin Times reports that the new space is even more important considering the recent acquisition of 66 new school buses last year, which costs the city $629,631 to lease annually.