Radiant in Commercial

Cities use heat pump systems, wastewater to lower costs

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

The use of green and sustainable products and materials is becoming increasingly popular, as the environmental benefits have given way to cost reduction as the main reason for organizations to make a change.
This is the exact mentality of the Philadelphia Water Department, as it recently started a project that would look to recycle wastewater by pumping it through a heating and cooling system in several buildings in the city.
WaterWorld reported that the city is going to use a geothermal system along with this wastewater collection to provide an energy efficient water source to a radiant heating setup.
This will allow the recycled water to be heated by the recycled energy from the ground, maximizing the efficiency of the heating system.
"I am pleased to be here for the activation of an innovative new energy-saving heating and cooling system at this plant that we are calling ‘sewerthermal'," one of the city's commissioners said after the project was announced. "The data we collect could be used to design systems that can easily be applied at our other facilities."
Mayor Michael Nutter noted that this type of investment would help to dramatically reduce the amount of money that is dumped into large buildings in the city during Winter, as energy efficiency can be looked at both in terms of environmental impact and cost reduction.
"We will be able to save on costs and energy resources at a city facility while commercializing a technology that can be used in large commercial and industrial buildings throughout the country," said Nutter.
Radiant heating systems maximize on the use of energy, as they deliver warmth with as little energy expenditure as possible. Since this technology helps to provide a high level of comfort, many organizations are looking to implement these systems for their myriad benefits.