Radiant in Commercial

Children's facilities adopt radiant heating

Mon, 04/07/2014 - 13:16

When building structures for the nation's youngest minds, it's imperative to choose the best-quality installations for the new spaces. A number of organizations have opted for radiant heat flooring when renovating or creating buildings dedicated to serving young children, primarily due to the undeniable benefits this type of system can provide. 

Installing radiant heat can not only create optimal temperature levels in a commercial building, but it can significantly reduce the spread of dirt, dust and allergens. Additionally, these systems are significantly more efficient than their counterparts, meaning that they can both lower energy bills and reduce the building's overall environmental impact.

Education center uses efficient heating

According to the Watertown Daily Times, the Oswegatchie Educational Center in New York recently installed radiant heat in its new lodge. The lodge will provide a comfortable space for student groups to rent when they want to camp, rest or hold meetings in the area. Not only does the space use radiant heat to regulate the temperatures, but it also has several solar panels in storage. While the panels have yet to be installed, the source reported that they may one day be used to charge batteries for campers. 

Funding for the new lodge came from a collection of donations and a grant from the National Future Farmers of America association. Todd Lighthall, the director of the center, told the source that the area is frequently visited by student groups of all types, especially church organizations looking for fun retreats. 

Children therapy center installs radiant heat flooring 

The New York facility is not the only children's center to implement this heating system. The Jumping Mouse Children's Center in Post Townsend, Wash., recently invested in a similar installation in its mental health therapy building. According to EIN News, the nonprofit provides mental health therapy for children, and it sought ways by which it could create the most comfortable, home-like environment for visitors. Ian Keith, a local contractor, explained that the system would be great for fostering such an environment, especially since the panels would be able to create a comfortable atmosphere that saved energy. 

The source also noted the importance of having a system that would provide the healthiest environment possible. Since radiant heat emits air from the ground up, rooms are less likely to spread dangerous irritants through the system. This is especially important in a facility that provides therapy for its visitors.