Radiant in Commercial

Canadian pet resort to feature radiant heating

Thu, 07/21/2011 - 09:12

An Ontario, Canada couple has created a haven for pets that rivals the comfort that humans are used to. The husband and wife team are hoping to provide all of the amenities that they feel that people should have in their homes, according to the Windsor Star.

Matt and Ivona Huzevka pulled out all of the stops in designing their palace for animals. The pet rooms feature the latest technology that humans are accustomed to, including televisions and comfortable heated floors, the news source reported.

"There are more and more dog owners who realize the value of socialization for their pets and pet resorts typically would provide more of those opportunities than a standard kennel," Coulter told the Star. "It's also important that dogs get exercise and that they're not simply sitting in a cage."

The amenities that are offered may seem outlandish to some, but the Ontario couple feel that animals should have all of the modern comforts that humans have, reported the news source.

Radiant heated floors are comfortable due to the warm surface that is provided by the technology, making the winter months more tolerable for humans and pets alike.