Radiant in Commercial

Cafe goes green with radiant floor heating

Wed, 03/06/2013 - 16:37

Giles Kavanagh, owner of Fargo, a new cafe in Buffalo, New York, has followed his dream and restored a building to its former glory to create a new, trendy space for locals to flock to. Buffalo Rising reports that Kavanagh took the building at the corner of Jersey and Fargo and transformed it into something beautiful and unique. The space has been outfitted with a number of eco-friendly technologies and materials in pursuit of sustainability.
"First, I wanted something beautiful, unapologetically alluring, and not cutesy," Kavanagh told the news source. "Second, I wanted it to be designed to use little energy. The team's design is masterful in that regard, as well as others. I think we all hate air conditioning equally. Georg, being used to more temperate European climates, felt we should have a space that changes from a cozy hearth-warmed place in winter to little more than a covered patio in summer."
To create the perfect atmosphere Kavanagh has installed accordion-styled windows that would allow a cross breeze to travel across the dining room. According to the news source, the windows are able to be sealed tightly during inclement weather to prevent heat loss. 
Two energy-efficient technologies are being combined to fill the space with warmth. The first is a German-engineered stove that must be stoked for one hour each morning. However, the heat generated during that one hour is enough to keep the building heated for up to 24 hours. As a back up and to maintain warmth in the structure, a radiant floor heating system has been installed. The eco-friendly solution doesn't require as much energy as traditional utility options and fits perfectly with the streamline, uncluttered design of the cafe.