Radiant in Commercial

British Columbia schools use radiant heating, energy efficiency to earn green building awards

Wed, 08/29/2012 - 16:34

Two major academic institutions in British Columbia, Canada, have been recognized for their sustainable design and construction, and use of technology like radiant heating systems and modern insulation helped the associated buildings sharply reduce energy consumption and costs, the Western Canada Journal of Commerce reported.
According to the news outlet, the Jim Pattison Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation at Okanagan College, in Penticton, and the University of British Columbia (UBC) Biological Sciences Building, in Vancouver, were selected for the awards from Sustainable Architecture and Building Magazine.
Though the awards were given based on building performance and construction, the magazine took into account the various climates and outside factors that were present for different organizations.
"What set it apart from other applications with similar mandates was the way the configuration of the center created strong connections to the rest of the campus," Taggart told the Business Journal.
The installation of radiant heating throughout the Jim Pattison Centre in Penticton helped it to garner more attention from the magazine, especially because of the effectiveness of this technology.
Radiant heating systems help to reduce the need for excessive energy to be used in providing warmth to a building without sacrificing a level of heat that keeps students comfortable during winter months.
While the determination of the winners was a challenge for the magazine, one major industry expert noted that these awards help to increase the number of organizations that look to enact these measures.
"SABMag’s annual Canadian Green Building Awards do a great job of celebrating Canadian design innovation with particular emphasis on sustainability and environmentally-sensitive architectural design," Architectual Institute of British Columbia director of professional services Paul Becker told the news outlet.