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British Columbia school to feature radiant heating system

Thu, 08/18/2011 - 09:17

Two Langley, British Columbia residents were frustrated with the local teachers that were educating their children, and they decided to build their own school that was modeled after the famed Italian Montessori school, the Langley Times reported.

Aldona Sieja and her husband, Andrew, decided to build a new school to help educate the local students through the use of the Montessori school system. This type of education favors the use of a less constrictive learning method, according to the news source.

The couple used the latest building materials and modern technology to help the school compete with other local education centers, as the cold winters in the area called for a complete investment into new ways to provide schoolchildren with the necessary warmth, reported the Times.

Aldona Sieja decided to install a radiant heating system in the school, which was widely appreciated by all of the new students, except for her kids. The Sieja children noted that they preferred the warmth of the school to their cold house, according to the news source.

Along with providing heat to large rooms without radiators and heating ducts, radiant heating systems can provide a more uniform heat than traditional forced air systems. The temperature difference between floor and ceiling is only two-to-three degrees as compared with more than 10 degrees in the older systems.