Radiant in Commercial

Billiard club renovates neighboring deli property into cigar shop

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 15:49

The Chattanooga Billiard Club will soon have a cigar shop addition in Tennessee. The neighboring deli property previously known as Shapiro’s Deli at 723 Cherry Street is currently undergoing a renovation. The Times Free Press reports that construction is in its initial stages, however, the shop is expected to be completed before Christmas 2012.
Construction workers are focusing on removing the debris from the property and demolishing unnecessary portions of the property’s design. Next on the agenda is running new electrical wiring and plumbing throughout the entire structure, according to the news source. The cigar shop is listed at $300,000, but that does not include the purchase price of the structure in 2011.
However, the renovations to the cigar shop include a number of high-quality of features. For example, the establishment will now have radiant heating to warm the space. The modern heating solution allows a property manager to maintain excellent climate control. The right balance of humidity and warmth is vital for the preservation of cigars, which is why radiant heating is an excellent technology choice.
Unlike traditional heating solutions, radiant heating systems, like those built by Warmboard, can help regulate the temperature in a space. The radiant heating solution will be used in the storefront, as well as the club area, storage room and the dining room. The news source claims that future plans include the construction of a new lounge and a private smoking room.
Radiant heating is an ideal solution for specialty commercial properties. It allows retail products to remain fresh, and undamaged by the effects of wavering temperatures. Fast transitions from cold to hot can sometimes negatively impact both organic and man-made goods - sometimes radiant heating can help a business owner avoid.