Radiant in Commercial

Benefits of radiant floor heating in commercial structures

Mon, 10/07/2013 - 07:07

The benefits of investing in a radiant floor heating system can be felt by commercial property owners. The eco-friendly heating solution allows a commercial property to remain comfortable for workers or customers, while keep operational costs down. 
A radiant floor heating system uses thermal properties and the power of conduction to transfer heat from the floorboards into the rest of a room. Because the technology runs consistently, the cost of stopping and starting heat production is reduced and the room remains a constant temperature unless thermostat is reset. 
Warmboard provides a quality radiant floor heating system that is able to provide a business owner the right blend of luxury and functionality. The consistent delivery of warmth will encourage customers to stay in the space. Yet, because the technology requires less oil or natural gas to run, a property owner is able to reduce his or her monthly utility bills associated with heating. This is often a considerable expense for most commercial property owners, which is why the operationally efficient system is so popular with our customers. Warmboard adjusts its radiant heat output to quickly match changing heat loads experienced throughout day and night. This provides a commercial property owner the exact feeling of warmth he or she desires from a radiant floor heat system. 
A commercial property owner can not only reduce the expense of heating his or her structure, but also benefit from improving the carbon footprint associated with the building. Adding a green component to marketing campaigns can provide a brand more loyal fans, especially as sustainability grows as a major concern for most consumers.