Radiant in Commercial

Benefits of radiant floor heating for a business

Wed, 09/04/2013 - 14:29

Not all modern sustainable technologies are made to accommodate the needs of a commercial and a residential property. However, that is not the case with radiant floor heating. This eco-friendly technology can benefit a commercial property owner just as well as a homeowner. By piping heat throughout a commercial space, a business owner or property manager can improve the value of the structure, boost comfort and save money. Here are some of the key benefits that come with installing a radiant floor heating system in a business:
1) Decrease costs. Operating any business comes with a sizable cost that often undercuts the profits. Keep these outgoing expenses to the bare minimum by investing in a radiant floor heating system. This warming technology allows a business owner to save money each month on heating utility bills. A radiant floor heating system requires less energy to run and keep a space at a consistent temperature in comparison to more traditional warmth delivery options.
2) Improve comfort. Customers do not like staying in retail spaces that are cold, which means that they are most likely not browsing if they even come into a store. Increase the time a customer is spending in your business by keeping it at a consistent, comfort-inducing temperature. This goes for even non-B2C commercial properties as well. Offices that are too cold in the winter can make employees lethargic or sick, which means they are less productive and costing a business money. By installing a radiant floor heating system in your commercial space, you can potentially boost profits - regardless of what type of business it is. 
3) Go green. A radiant floor heating system allows a business owner to invest in a technology that will reduce its carbon footprint. As more customers believe in sustainability, this feature of your business will become strong marketing material.