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Baptist Church of Memphis under construction

Wed, 10/31/2012 - 09:59

The Baptist Church of Memphis will have a new location in Camillus, New York. The 20,000-square-foot building had new walls, a roof and windows as of October 24, 2012, according to The Post-Standard.
A new building was required after the old church was found to have structural problems. The congregation took this opportunity to build a establishment that will feature energy-efficient windows, insulation and radiant heating in the floors. The church will also be a first-floor only structure so that an aging congregation may always make it to service without pain or suffering.
"We hated to leave the old church, but this is going to be much more accessible," church member Job Lippert told the news source.
The congregation took a vote before determining whether to move to a new location or to repair the older building. The news source reports that it only took a month for 100 percent of the church members to decide to build a new structure.
The inclusion of energy-efficient features such as radiant heating helped convince the congregation to build a new location. The sustainable heating solution will allow for the church to reduce its operational costs associated with utilities like electricity and heating. In addition, the heating solution will warm the floor and let heat rise throughout the structure, which could sooth the aching bones of an aging congregation.
Radiant heating will also allow for the building to remain cleaner because the dust and pollen that can accumulate in these structures will remain undisturbed so that cleaners may sweep all of it up. If a traditional heating solution like forced hot air was installed in the building, caretakers may struggle to properly remove all fine particulate matter that can find its way onto surfaces.