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Airports adopt green practices

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 11:11

A growing number of companies have searched for ways to become more eco-friendly in their day-to-day operations. While some businesses have adopted practices to help minimize their environmental impact, such as implementing recycling programs or encouraging employees to volunteer their time, others have searched for ways to make alterations to their physical environments.

Whether corporations are installing radiant heat flooring or painting their roofs white, there are several ways that businesses can transform the structure of their buildings to reflect the most recent developments in green design. Airports potentially see thousands of travelers each year, meaning that their installations must not only be energy efficient, but they must be useful for an array of visitors. As more of these transportation hubs learn about how they can make their operations eco-friendly, businesses from around the globe can look to leading companies for inspiration.

San Diego airport becomes LEED certified

The San Diego International Airport recently became the first of its kind to be LEED certified. According to the Times of San Diego, the structure was granted LEED Platinum status, which is the highest honor available. Dan McGuckin, the operations manager for the construction agency responsible for the new terminals, explained that the environment came first when crafting the new space.

"From the outset, The Green Build was designed with an eye toward the environment," McGuckin said to the source. "Not only were we able to reduce our environmental footprint during the construction process, but we've constructed a new terminal that will be 32 percent more energy efficient than the standard code."

The airport's website explains the expansion, detailing the steps of The Green Build, which not only created more than 1,000 construction jobs for Californians, but also made a larger, more energy-efficient space for travelers to enjoy. Amenities include natural lighting, low-flow water appliances and solar panels.

Airport in Ontario adopts radiant heating

The Windsor Airport in Ontario underwent a similar large renovation in 2011, when the city's growing demand exceeded the capabilities of the pre-existing structure. According to Contractor Magazine, the City of Windsor invested in a new service hangar, but wanted one that would incorporate a heating system capable of easily regulating temperatures in the space. Officials decided on radiant heating due to its ability to not only keep the area warm during the cooler months, but also because it would be ideal for keeping temperatures consistent - which is essential for maintaining properly functioning aircrafts.