Washington building renovated with increased level of comfort

Mon, 04/16/2012 - 09:37

A renovated Johns Prairie Operations Center in Shelton, Washington, has provided customers and workers with a more comfortable setting to conduct business, The Kitsap Sun reported.

The construction was recently finished and individuals on both sides of the desk have commented on how pleasant their experience is in the new facility.

According to the news outlet, the building, which houses the local PUD No. 3 commissioners and a series of other administrative agencies, is two-and-a-half times the size the of the former site.

The renovation was part of an effort to increase the size and efficiency of the PUD 3 agency in the local Shelton government, as the new space will help the workers accommodate seniors and other visitors.

"The future of PUD 3’s downtown facilities is bright," noted Public Information & Government Relations Manager Joel Myer. "MCSAA has a vision to create a one-stop center for senior assistance, which will allow more services to be available for the county’s seniors. It will also provide for improved parking and accessibility."

The Kitsap Sun reported that the new building added a highly-efficient geothermal heat pump system, a radiant heating system, passive ventilation technology, a controllable lighting system and new windows to help increase the presence of natural light.

While radiant heating systems can be linked with geothermal heat pumps, some products work better than others.

A Warmboard radiant heating system uses highly-efficient aluminum tubing to deliver heat, maximizing on the energy that is produced by the geothermal technology. This helps to cut energy use and costs by a significant amount and allows a structure to exist in a more sustainable manner.

Along with the energy savings that the system provides, it also helps to provide a more comfortable atmosphere to conduct business.