Phoenix home features radiant floor heating

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 15:30

As more and more homeowners look to find sustainable properties, builders are focusing on constructing eco-friendly structures. The Star Phoenix reported that Bruce Farbacher is focusing his attention on building a home with the latest in modern technology and high-quality craftsmanship. 
He has built a 2,273-square foot, two-story home at 139 Pickard Bay in Willowgrove. The building features a number of sustainable options including radiant floor heating. The eco-friendly solution allows the homeowner to reduce his energy consumption, which is especially important as the price for oil and gas continues to rise. By limiting the amount of resources required to fill a home with an ideal level of heat, property owners are more likely to select the sustainable option because they are not giving up comfort to go green. 
According to the news source, Farbacher has also incorporated the use of different zones with the radiant floor heating system. As a result, he is able to heat only areas of the home that people are going to be using. Different heating zones allows a homeowner to decide to keep some areas cooler than the rest dependent on how much those spaces are being used or whether there is a preference for a warmer temperature for spaces like the bathroom or master suite. 
"Zone heating heats and cools each floor individually. Each floor has a separate heat indicator. In the summer when the second floor requires air conditioning, it's only going to cool the second floor, instead of the entire house. Zone heating results in energy savings and better comfort. Every two-story home should have this system," said Farbacher, according to the news source.
For homeowners looking to increase sustainability, radiant floor heating offers the right combination of features.