Partial Frank Lloyd Wright home in New York listed as for sale

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 13:41

Architecture enthusiasts that idolize Frank Lloyd Wright's work know that his philosophy on organic structure set the tone for modern construction for over 50 years. According to Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Wright's work attempted to integrate structures into a marriage to a site, and he consistently proposed that all future projects should endeavor to mingle the two.

The Massaro House on Petre Island in New York is being sold for $20 million, according to Mother Nature Network. The sale includes the 11-acre private island that the 5,000-square-foot home sits on.

In 1949, Wright was commissioned to build a retreat on Petre Island by A.K. Chadroudi. However, three months into the project, Chadroudi could not afford the $50,000 home and the project was dropped and left incomplete. In 1996, Joseph Massaro purchased the incomplete home and the original design plans for $700,000 and spent the following couple of years to complete the project.

However, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has filed a lawsuit and forbid Massaro from claiming the home was designed by Wright, although the architects and construction teams worked from authentic plans. Consequently, the structure can now only be referred to as "inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright," reports Mother Nature Network.

A number of material and technology upgrades have been made to the structure to improve efficiency, which has further upset purists. For example, chimney caps, air conditioning, radiant heating and 26 domed instead of flat skylights were added to the design. Energy-efficient technology upgrades such as radiant heating were developed after the famous architect's death. Wright may have included the modern heating option in the design if he had been around to see the invention and evolution of energy utility options.