Non-profits receive grants for green updates

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 09:45

Radiant floor heating is a versatile heating solution that works just as well for homeowners as it does for commercial property owners. As a result, structures of all kinds are being outfitted with the eco-friendly technology because of its numerous benefits. 
Non-profits receive grants for installing energy-efficient solutions
Three Silver City-based non-profits are receiving money from PNM under its Reduce Your Use grant program. The Silver City Sun News reported that the three organizations include Habitat for Humanity - Gila Region, the Silver City Gospel Mission, and The Volunteer Center of Grant County. The intention of the grant is to get non-profit organizations to reduce their energy use and lower utility costs for greater operational efficiency. 
Each of the organizations will purchase a number of different energy-efficient technologies that will help reduce costs. Habitat for Humanity is expected to upgrade lighting, install programmable thermostats and purchase ENERGY STAR-rated appliances and power strips.
"Our office is in an older home and it will be very beneficial in reducing our utility costs for the office," Nina Sinor, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, told the news source. Habitat for Humanity was awarded $5,000, the maximum grant amount.
The Silver City Gospel Mission is expected to use the money to upgrade the appliances in its soup kitchen. According to the news source, The Volunteer Center is expected to invest in a new on-demand water heater and a radiant floor heating system, which will reduce monthly heating costs and improve the comfort felt within the structure. Unlike more traditional heating delivery options like vents, radiators or baseboard units, a radiant floor heating system used the power of conduction to provide warmth to a space. This technology option is much more effective at applying heat to a space without significant loss occurring in the walls, ceilings or outside of the structure. These savings are multiplied the larger the structure is, because the energy loss is decreased for every square foot of a building. 
Habitat for Humanity invests in energy-efficient solutions
It's not uncommon for non-profit organizations to look for more affordable solutions. Habitat for Humanity has long recognized the superiority of installing a radiant floor heating system in certain properties - depending on their location. The colder or more varied climates found in the United States see a drastic improvement in monthly utility bill reduction by installing a radiant floor heating system. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, residential and commercial buildings in the country consume 48 percent of energy in the U.S. The residential construction industry consumes about 21 percent of all energy in the nation - a significant portion considering the number of business and industrial operations also going on in the country. Habitat for Humanity is doing its part to reduce the percentage of energy consumed for the residential construction sector by installing energy-efficient technologies and materials. This is a greater investment for the organization over the long term and helps new homeowners to reduce operational costs and save on utility expenses that can quickly grow out of control. The well-known non-profit has gained recognition for installing its properties with many energy-efficient solutions. Radiant floor heating, ENERGY STAR-rated appliances and superior R-value insulation and windows are just a few of the solutions applied to some of the Habitat for Humanity structures across the nation.