New York open house tour to highlight benefits of green technology

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 10:37

The increasingly popularity of green technology and sustainable products in residential developments is leading to an emerging trend in real estate, and open house tours across North America are beginning to focus on these developments.
According to the Port Chester Daily Voice, four properties that are for sale in Port Chester, New York are all available will a number of green products to help lower long-term operating costs and to limit the negative impact that these structures have on the environment.
Though the majority of the homes in the area are beginning to make a push for greener technology and lowered emissions - the residents have the resources to install these technologies - these residences are being highlighted for the type of installations that were made.
According to the news outlet, the asking price for the various homes differs greatly, showing that there is a way for people to install technology like radiant heating without bankrupting themselves and eliminating all free income.
Though the price of installation may be an upfront cost that families may not want to make, the long-term benefits of such a move will actually help to create more free money for them to spend in the future.
Radiant heating systems vary in terms of efficiency, but the general benefits provided by the systems are well worth the installation cost.
Warmboard radiant heating systems are the most efficient products available in the sector, as the highly conductive paneling and tubing that is used helps to limit the energy use associated with the system.
By cutting down on heating costs during the winter, thanks to an efficient radiant heating system, a family will be amazed at how much money can be diverted elsewhere without a sacrifice in comfort.