More Canadians want energy-efficient heating

Thu, 11/01/2012 - 16:09

Energy-efficient heating solutions are gaining popularity in Canada according to recent findings. A Beautiful Heat online survey of 1,003 Canadians found that many homeowners claim that their current heating system bothers them in the winter due to high heating bills, uneven or inconsistent heat distribution or dry air.

About 84 percent of Canadians would like to invest in changes to the heating system in their house. Over half of all survey respondents (56 percent) reported that they would like to eliminate the presence of cold and hot spots in their house, 44 percent want a more energy efficient heating system, 44 percent want radiant heating and 24 percent wish for the ability to adjust heat in different areas with zone control options.

Homeowners striving to increase the energy efficiency of their house may want to consider investing in radiant heating. The green technology uses water's own natural ability to retain heat to spread warmth throughout the house, which allows the utility system to use less energy to keep a property at a selected temperature.

In addition to using less energy than traditional heating solutions like forced hot air, radiant heating also allows a homeowner or interior designer to remove the presence of bulky vents and heaters from a room.
"When I was designing my own studio, I chose to install radiant heating as I wanted a system that allowed me to use every square inch of the space without having to design around bulky ductwork or venting," said Karen Sealy, award-winning designer, renovation expert and media personality. "In addition to the design perks radiant heat offers, it feels good. And it is a cleaner, more efficient way to heat."
Homeowners interested in switching to a more energy-efficient heating solution can check out radiant heating today.