Modern homes include energy-efficient technologies like radiant floor heating

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 07:37

Homeowners across the U.S. who are intending on renovating or building a new property are often looking to include the latest in sustainable solutions. By including the right combination of technologies in a home, a property owner can boost energy savings significantly and reduce his or her impact on the local environment. 
Here are a few energy-saving technologies to consider:
1) Radiant floor heating. The consistent delivery of warmth provided by this modern technology is unmatched by any other option. In addition to creating a comfortable environment for a homeowner and his or her guests, the heating unit is also energy efficient. By reducing heat loss and using less energy to power the system, a homeowner is able to reduce his or her monthly utility bills. 
2) Geothermal system. By combining a geothermal heating and cooling unit with radiant floor heating, a homeowner is able to boost the efficiency of both systems because of how cohesively they work together. The thermal qualities of geothermal and radiant floor heating provide a sustainable solution to an individual looking to reduce his or her annual utility costs. Both work using piping and water, which allows the mechanics of a home heating and cooling system less complicated. 
3) High R-value insulation. Improve the energy efficiency of a home with superior insulation. High R-value insulation will ensure that heat and cool air will not escape the home, which will decrease the pressure put on the system to maintain temperature levels when energy is continuously escaping. The thermal qualities of geothermal and radiant floor heating systems combined with the right insulation level will ensure that all energy consumed to keep a home comfortable will be used as efficiently as possible.