Military building gets outfitted with green heating technology

Wed, 11/07/2012 - 21:36

While many Americans may not correlate green technology to the military, they may want to reconsider. The Bangor Daily News reports that the 101st Air Refueling Wing’s new aircraft hangar is outfitted with radiant heating below the floor.

The 77,000-square foot facility, now named Building 499, will replace the older structure referred to as Building 496. The original hangar was constructed in 1954 to house jet fighters and then was expanded to house the new, larger oil rigs. However, officials recognized that the structure was aging and needed to be replaced.

The new facility will help crews to complete day-to-day tasks easier. Building 499 is a larger facility and contains a bigger repair shop. The news source claims that radiant heating will allow workers to remain warm in the hangar, without wasting valued heating resources. The utility is powered with natural gas boilers. Radiant heating will allow crews to work during the summer and winter months without suffering through extreme temperatures.

Building 499 was opened for business in August 2012, however, the grand opening of the structure wasn’t until October 2012. Despite the everyday work performed in the building, officials claim that it was still in tip-top shape.

"This wing has a rightly earned reputation for outstanding excellence, especially when it comes to achieving our mission," Col. John Thomas, commander of the 101st aircraft maintenance group told the news source.
The Maine Air National Guard will enjoy the use of the new hangar building. The Bangor Daily News reports that the new structure, outfitted with energy-efficient technology, will allow crews and the organization to thrive.