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Why Warmboard products maximize efficiency of geothermal heating systems

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 10:12

Many Americans are making a move to a cleaner and more sustainable heating system for their houses, as the rising fuel costs and green energy push has motivated homeowners to look to alternative methods.

Buffalo Rising reported that one of these new sources of energy is geothermal heat pumps, as energy that is stored within the ground is recycled through a series of pipes going from a home into the ground and back into the residence in a circular cycle.

According to the news source, this type of technology has attracted a lot of attention within the real estate industry, and homeowners are beginning to ask their agents and developers to use this type of cost-saving device.

The recycling of energy to provide heat in a home is something that can be maximized by the use of an effective radiant heating system to deliver the warmth while using as little energy as possible.

A Warmboard radiant heating system can be hooked up to a geothermal heat pump and the combination can provide warmth to a home at a fraction of the energy cost and consumption level.

While other radiant heating products are able to provide heat from geothermal pumps by running hot water through a home, a Warmboard heating system does this in a more energy-efficient manner.

Because the product uses highly-conductive aluminum tubing, the temperature of the water that is piped throughout a home does not have to be as high as other systems, which means that less energy is required to deliver the same level of warmth.

Along with being more energy efficient than its competitors, the Warmboard radiant heating system delivers heat in a more encompassing manner, as the heat is evenly spread around a room.