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Wedding retreat to feature radiant heating technology

Mon, 08/22/2011 - 11:12

The Butterfly Gap Retreat, a pristine location for wedding ceremonies and travelers of all kinds, has installed the latest technologies in order to keep guests comfortable during their stay, according to the Blount County Daily Times.

Situated on more than 900 acres of woodlands, the retreat features both indoor and outdoor wedding venues, a reception hall, six guesthouses, hiking trails and a lake that holds a variety of boats and docks, reported the news source.

Lake views are provided to young couples who wish to get married, as the six guesthouses that are spread out on 250 acres give each group their own private wilderness experience once the ceremonies are done with, according to the Times.

The houses come with modern kitchens, gas fireplaces, large walk-in showers and a first floor that comes complete with radiant heating that generates warmth for the entire residence, reported the news source.

Radiant heating systems are perfect for mountain retreat houses, as these residences usually come with high ceilings and lots of glass windows, something that a radiant heating system can heat easily and evenly. The technology heats a room evenly, leaving only two to three degrees difference in temperature between the floor and the ceiling, much less than traditional systems.