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Washington houses utilize new technology, radiant heating

Thu, 10/20/2011 - 10:22

A new type of house has sprouted up on Vason Island in Washington, as the fold-up Glidehouse homes have been spotted in several areas on the landmass, according to Jetson Green.

The fold-up homes can be constructed in a short period of time, and these residences are able to include a variety of technologies due to the ease of the building process. Radiant heating and other green products can be put into the houses, the news source reported.

According to Jetson Green, the homes have been redesigned in terms of height and width, as the residences were adjusted so that more of the space could be utilized. The improvements have made the houses 30 percent wider and 20 percent higher.

The homes feature radiant floor heating, energy star appliances and low-flow fixtures, the news source reported.

A radiant heating system works well with residences that have high ceilings, due to the technology's ability to spread the heat out more effectively than a traditional system. The temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is only two-to-three degrees.