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Warmboard radiant heating systems and cost: Adding value without sacrificing comfort

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 13:14

There are many products available to the modern consumer that both add value and detract from comfort, as knock-off items or cheaper versions of popular brands do not always deliver the same level of quality as advertised.
However, there are a small group of products that help to cut costs but also increase quality, as the companies that manufacture these items have figured out how to save money through efficiency and intelligent design.
Warmboard radiant heating systems are one of these products, cutting costs and increasing comfort and efficiency through an innovative design and years of tweaking and fine tuning.
Though no radiant heating system is inexpensive, when looking at the long-term costs associated with Warmboard products, it is tough to not see the value in choosing to install the system.
This product is on par, in terms of cost and installation expenditure, with most of its competitors, but the value comes after the system is installed. Along with having a lower operating cost over the life of the product, it also is more efficient and provides a higher level of comfort than any of its competitors.
The patented design of Warmboard products allows most installations to operate with water temperatures well below 120 degrees. Because of this low water temperature, homeowners have the option of using condensing boilers, solar, low cost, dedicated, conventional water heaters or even ultra high-efficiency ground source heat pumps.
Lower water temperatures also allows for more flooring options, as low-cost materials that are often delicate will not be harmed by the heating system. Other products require warmer temperatures, often leading them to damage materials like hardwood and tile.