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Using Warmboard products with a solar-powered heating system

Tue, 02/21/2012 - 11:05

Many building owners and homeowners are making a switch to using solar and geothermal pumps to provide residences with a source of heat. This move will help them limit the negative impact that a house can have on the environment, along with heating costs for families across the U.S.

These green energy sources can work to provide a heating system with a source of heat that comes from the sun and limits the total net energy consumption for a residence.

However, there are certain types of heating systems that work better than others. The most efficient product is a Warmboard radiant heating system, as the technology used in the paneling allows it to deliver heat to a residence in a more efficient way.

The Warmboard radiant heating system uses highly conductive piping in the floor paneling to provide heat to a home.

Because the system works with highly conductive aluminum tubing, it doesn't require the use of high water temperatures to provide energy to the system. This limits the total amount of energy that is used by the product to heat a residence, allowing it to conserve the maximum amount of resources.

Warmboard works in a more efficient manner than other products, as these radiant heating systems are only able to absorb a certain level of heat from the solar or geothermal pump. This means that the homeowner would have to run the system all day to provide a basic level of heat, eliminating the effectiveness of linking green technology with the heating system.

The Warmboard radiant heating system requires less water, less energy and is able to provide a sufficient level of warmth. This helps to save the environment and provides families with a way to limit their total energy costs.