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Use of geothermal energy sources is rising

Mon, 04/02/2012 - 09:55

The high oil, propane and electricity prices that exist for commercial and residential building owners have led many homeowners and companies to explore the use of alternative energy sources, the North Bay Business Journal reported.

According to the news source, many business owners and families are looking to geothermal energy sources as a way to effectively provide heating and cooling to their buildings and homes.

The lower prices and sense of being environmentally friendly are motivations, and this trend is growing around the country.

California is one area where this type of energy efficient technology is being used more and more, as residents of the Golden State, and other West Coast cities, are looking to cut costs and consumption levels.

"There are some 15,000 to 20,000 operating geothermal systems in Pacific Northwest service areas and perhaps half as many more in California," John Geyer, a geothermal consultant and Certified Geothermal Designer in Vancouver, Wash, told the news source. "The national growth rate is between 10 and 15 percent a year."

The geothermal technology allows a homeowner to recycle the energy that is stored in the ground, and use this source of power as a way to provide heat or cooling to their homes.

Radiant heating systems help to maximize the efficiency of this technology, and certain products can help homeowners save money and limit their consumption.

A Warmboard radiant heating system helps to use the energy in the most efficient way, as its unique design allows for highly-conductive aluminum tubing to heat water in the paneling of the product without using significant amounts of energy.

While other radiant heating systems may require high water temperatures to operate, and thus more energy, Warmboard products help to limit the need for excessive levels of energy.