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Unmatched performance with a Warmboard radiant heating system

Mon, 05/21/2012 - 09:56

There are a number of reasons why homeowners across the U.S. are making a switch to radiant heating systems for their residences, as the technology helps to maximize comfort, limit operating costs and reduce the negative effects of a family on the environment.

Certain products sold within the sector offer a higher level of benefits than others, especially when it comes to energy use and comfort. A Warmboard radiant heating system can provide a family with an energy efficient way to heat their home and its unique delivery system helps to distinguish it from the rest of the market.

Contractors are increasingly making the move to this product as a way to accommodate potential buyers, as they take pride in the quality that they deliver to their clients. Because of the effectiveness of the product, a Warmboard system works in any conditions and requires less care and maintenance than what competitors offer.

One contractor noted that his initial fears about installing such a product were overcome quickly, as the benefits of such a system were shown once the winter months came.

"It’s kind of funny but we had never experienced radiant heated floors, only heard how great they are. Well, now having had them on for a couple of days, we never want to leave! WOW, now I see why people go on and on and make such a fuss over heated floors!" noted the contractor.

The installation of the product is also easier than other heating systems, as the thin paneling fits under any type of covering.

Because of the highly-conductive aluminum that is used through the system, a Warmboard system maximizes the amount of heat that is delivered under all circumstances.