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Technology makes cold winters seem warmer than in the past

Mon, 11/28/2011 - 10:42

The inefficient heating systems that many families used in the post-war years led individuals to dread the coming of winter. According to the Millburn Short Hills Patch, November through March was a time when fireplaces, blankets and many layers were utilized to limit the impact of cold weather.

The 1940s and 1950s were decades that relied on technology now considered obsolete, but many modern homes haven't taken advantage of the many advances that have occurred.

Radiant heating systems allow families to heat their home in a modern way, as the warmth and comfort that is provided shows how far the technology has come. The system allows for less parasitic heat loss and a more efficient delivery of the heat so that less energy is used.

This system allows for the radiant effect to be maximized, as individuals will feel warmer than it actually is, helping to limit the amount of energy that is needed for a certain feeling of warmth to be achieved.

According to the Patch, the days of coal-burning stoves in the basement are long gone, but many families still use heaters that were developed and designed in the decades after the war.

The news source reported that steam-heat systems and hot-air furnaces have been used for many years, but the technology is inefficient and rarely heats the whole residence. Even though this is true, many families choose to ignore the comfort that can be provided by the new technology in the sector.

The Patch reported that the winters in the post-war years "toughened" kids, but one has to wonder if this is something that is worth sacrificing comfort and warmth for.