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Sustainability through flooring, choosing the right technology

Thu, 12/01/2011 - 10:30

Manufacturers are regularly introducing new green products in the flooring market, according to Floor Daily, but new sustainability research shows that many of these items do not actually make that much of a difference.

What is installed under the floor might, however, as a radiant heating system installed as part of a subfloor allows a homeowner to benefit from lower energy expenditures while also providing a heater that can be placed under any type of flooring.

The technology lowers the total energy consumption for a house because of the way that the system uses a more efficient aluminum tubing that doesn't require high water temperatures to heat an entire room. This differs from other system that may use aluminum, in that the subfloor system integrates the metal in a way that maximizes its capacity.

This allows homeowners to use less energy to heat their homes, and can let them decide on the best possible flooring to place over the radiant system.

Floor Daily interviewed top flooring experts to try and narrow down the list of sustainable materials to a select few that are estimated to be the greenest products in the market.

One expert noted, "There is a move toward bio-based products. These are hot right now. People are trying to seek alternatives that are better and greener."

The products that are bio-based are the most popular green flooring products on the market right now due to the implications that the name provides, according to the news source.

The expert also noted that recyclable materials are also popular in the current market.

"The other thing, of course, is recycled content. This is very important to people’s considerations, as are health indicators on flooring, from emissions released by the product during installation to heavy metal content to other considerations like that," the expert told the news source.