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Sustainability and housing: Products to cut consumption and costs

Wed, 08/01/2012 - 15:47

The construction of new houses and apartment buildings is beginning to return to pre-recession levels in many cities across the U.S., and many of the families and businesses that are moving into these structures are asking for one thing - sustainability.
With rising fuel costs and increased pressure on the general public to be more conscious of the environment, builders are looking to green their building plans and cut operating costs for their tenants.
According to Metropolis Magazine, a number of developers are consulting with energy and sustainability experts prior to constructing any new buildings, as the increasing importance of including efficient and green fixtures is motivation enough to make these changes.
Even in areas that were previously seen as bare bones building zones, such as New York City, developers and real estate professionals are looking to sustainability as a distinct possibility for any news project.
"Many people think that renewable energy, green building, energy efficiency is impossible in NYC. That’s simply not the case. With our building and the speaker series we’ll be running, our goal is to share what’s possible," Chris William, a sales consultant for Voltaic Solaire, told the news outlet.
Including technology like radiant heating, LED lighting and water-recycling products not only ups the asking price, but attracts a number of different investors.
Radiant heating systems can help to provide warmth to city residents at a fraction of the heating costs of more conventional products. This is especially important in places like NYC and Boston, as sky-high real estate prices mean that consumers will be looking to save in any way that they can.
Not only will these residents cut their monthly heating bills, they will also experience an unparalleled level of comfort.