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Supportive housing unit provides homeless with modern amenities, radiant heating

Thu, 10/13/2011 - 09:57

The Karis Place supportive-housing development in Vancouver, British Columbia, provides a warm and comfortable place for homeless individuals to rest and recuperate before trying to reemerge into the world, according to The Province.

Paul West knows all too well the struggles that many homeless people go through, and the Manitoba native has been grateful for the efforts that were put forth by the Vancouver government.

The City of Vancouver invested more than $50 million in two buildings for homeless residents, as these structures will provide supportive housing in a comfortable setting, the news source reported.

Both of the structures are environmentally efficient and use the latest materials and technology to limit the carbon footprint. They come complete with radiant heating and modern fixtures to give residents a comfortable place to sleep.

"This place is phenomenal," West told The Province. "Brand new appliances, radiant-heat flooring, a shower you can have a party in."

A radiant heating system works well in a large building, as the technology allows for an even distribution of heat. The temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is two-to-three degrees, much less than conventional systems.