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Solar & Wind Expo highlights potential for energy efficient technology

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 09:59

The use of energy efficient technology can help a homeowner or building manager lower their electricity costs and consumption, benefiting their wallets and the environment at the same time. The Solar & Wind Expo at Timonium Fairgrounds in Maryland highlighted how people can save the planet and their own resources through the adoption of certain products and practices.

According to the DagBlog, the exposition allowed visitors to see how solar and wind technology could be linked with household products in order for families and businesses to maximize on savings.

Although solar panels may help to generate energy, if they are linked to inefficient technology the impact of these products is limited and will not lead to a significant reduction in energy cost or consumption.

For instance, if a normal heating system is linked to solar panels, the energy that is saved by using the solar technology will be wasted when it is used on a conventional heater. This problem can be fixed through the use of a more efficient heating system.

A radiant heating system can help to maximize the efficiency of any solar apparatus, as the product requires less energy to operate and will cut costs and consumption much more than a normal system.

A Warmboard radiant heating system is the most efficient product available on the market, and a homeowner who relies on solar panels to provide power would be smart to join these two efficient technologies together.

This product uses highly-conductive aluminum paneling and this allows for maximum efficiency in the delivery process. Because the Warmboard system does not need water to be heated to as high of a temperature, this cuts the amount of energy that is needed to provide warmth.